First I want to say thanks your WordPress, MyTrendingStories, Sliconera for influencing to blog and meet great people in the process. I am writing this because I have to become an Entrepreneur and build relationships, network and grow my blog. I came across some articles that I found entreating (I like link by source). I was always have that mind set let people come to do, don’t go to them and make sure your blog has SEO, promoting on social media and have traffic. If you don’t have great quality blog post or website then you can kiss that goodbye, you have to be legit meaning don’t scam people or don’t talk bad about the product or bash it but give some feedback on it to the best of your abilities such as taking to manufactures or developers want to do want to improve to the next product and they might take it to heart to make the consumer happy.

Think of this as partnership for a business and you don’t want to lose it because it’s your support system on for you. Even if you don’t get it keep trying and you will get it. If you have a YouTube channel it will be helped too but I think you have to reach 1,000 subscribers (which I need for my channel) but I got the blog. Remember to find your niche and what makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. As for myself I am a gaming blog and I know there is a lot of them and it’s tough to stand out but I hope I get notice by gaming company soon because they need people to sponsor products from them. I also thinking about collab with other bloggers (if that possible) I will consider that. My goal for 2017 is to blog full-time and doing what I love the most blogging. I am will to promote and advertising your product on my blog and YouTube channel. I am happy to start blogging and hope for the future.


Blog Sponsorships – Path to Entrepreneurship

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