On my YouTube channel I do a series of podcast talking about whatever goes to mind. topics like video games, anime, movies, TV shows and etc. Right now I am sitting at 15 subscribers now and hoping to grow it more. I am looking for YouTubers, Bloggers and anybody but I use Google Hangout which allow up to eight people to join. You can go all out in this podcast but no copyright music because my channel might get a strike. Podcast can be a way to get to know someone and build relationships. That’s why I also say networking can opening a lot of doors. After the podcast is done I will shout you out and get people to check out your product, YouTube channel and social media. I just want to help adverting and promote people. I already done a podcast with some YouTubers such as Mad King Desu, The Art of Anime and Justin Chipman check those guys out. Also in my channel I do live streams from Twitch (I am getting exposure their too) and follow me on Facebook and Twitter. Sorry this is a short blog post but I just want to let you guys know if you are interested, if so go to my contact page. Here is a podcast from my channel enjoy.


Join My Podcast – Let’s Have a Good Time

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