The fourteenth installment of The King of Fighter franchise developed by SNK Playmore and published by Atlus USA. This is a sequel to The King of Fighters XIII which the game story takes place after, with 50 characters returning and brand-spanking now. The game moves away from 2D to 2.5D for example Street Fighter IV (Yasuyuki Oda previously worked on) and I got to say the graphic is render well and some people have a problem with them. If you don’t know what The King of Fighter is let me give you a summary. KOF is a fighting tournament kind alike Street Fighter but different, there is a 3 person team ( you can select order of your fighter) and you fight one on one until the last person standing. There are fighters around the world and from different games such as Fatal Fury, Ikari Warriors, Samurai Showdown, Art of Fighting and Athena and many more. You must defeat all the opponents to face the boss and win the tournament.


Let’s talk about the game KOF XIV, the game is just like any other KOF game such as roll, push back attack, special moves and supers. The story of the game is kind of short and disappointing, a billionaire named Antonov is hosting a new King of Fighters tournament and Nakoruru sends an evil entity Verse coming to destroy the world. After complete the story, there is a self-frame ending with no voice actors in it and nothing special. Your game modes are versus which you can play with a friend, tutorial and training is for beginner who wants to learn how to play. Gallery is watch movies from story mode and view art and online you can register your characters and stage to use in battle. There are lobbies with up to 12 people such as party, team and single. The online game is has some slowdowns and SNK will release a patch to fix the netcode. If you are a fighting game fan this game is for you. A new King of Fighters is here. The King of Fighters XIV is available now only on PlayStation 4.


The King of Fighters XIV – Another Tournament Ruin by Entity Review

3 thoughts on “The King of Fighters XIV – Another Tournament Ruin by Entity Review

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