Nother is a open-world action rpg indie game developed by Nick Everlith  and published by Ryzal Games. This game is very unique and it draws inspiration from Dark Souls, their is not cut-scenes, dialogue nor introduction you just jump straight into the game. You have to fight your way to the final boss but you choose your own path of the game. There are 100 secrets in this game such as solving mysteries and becoming stronger, it also have loot in it.The AI in this game is very difficult in this game and have many attack patterns. You will likely to die as many times as Dark Souls.


The combat in this game is deep, you discover secrets and your attacks and technique you have to discover  your own and not buy them. The graphic in this game look like contrast pixel art. The soundtrack feature forest sound effect to horrific bass of an approaching boss. Note this indie game is developed by one person and make sure to support the developer. If you plan on getting a indie that’s just like Dark Souls get it. Nother is available now on steam.

Source: Siliconera


Nother -No intro No title Indie Game

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