Harada’s Harem

Katsuhiro Harada explains about the sales of Tekken Series throughout the world.  Harada stated this “More than anything, 2017 is about the release of Tekken 7. Of the 44 million units in total console sales throughout the entire Tekken series, 95% of it actually comes from foreign countries, in the order of Europe > United States > Asia Oceania > Japan. Which Japan is last on the list and that’s means the most sales can from US and Europe. In the US Tekken does have a hardcore fighting game fan base and probably in Europe as well. As far as Japan fanbase don’t know Tekken is very popular over  in Japan which goes to this statement:



“In other words, main-numbered titles have sales that can exceed 3 million overseas, but I don’t think any fighting game sells that much in Japan, but it doesn’t feel that way, right? That said, even with all the hype going on, the gap in sales figure for Japan is just too wide.” Which is he saying that fighting game sell well in US and Europe than Japan which is strange, There is some Japan arcades have fighting game in them such as Street Fighter, King of Fighters in many more. Harada hopes that Tekken sales well  in Japan and build a following by saying “However, this time for Tekken 7 I hope that we can liven things up not only overseas but in Japan as well, so please support it by all means (also to support a game born in Japan!). By enjoying the story mode you can learn about Tekken controls, then make a room to play with friends, and we’re also adding the series’ first tournament mode, so by all means, players of Japan, whether it’s by yourself or with a group, I hope to see things liven up! Please continue your support!”  For those who live in Japan please support the series and to the US and Europe. I can’t wait to play Tekken 7 in 2017.

Soruce:  Siliconera


Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada Says 95% Sales Comes From Outside Japan

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