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Super Metroid is an 2D side-scrolling action-adventure developed by Research & Development 1and published by Nintendo. This is consider one of the greatest video game of all tine and one of the first female heroine in a Nintendo game. If you don’t know what Metroid I will give you a backstory, the story revolves about a bounty hunter named Samus Aran who fights intergalactic space pirates and other lifeforms to accomplish her mission. The developers’ goal was to make the game a “good action game” and took half a year to gain approval for the initial idea. Writer Yoshio Sakamoto wanted to wait until a true action game was needed and set the stage for the reappearance of Samus Aran. The plot of this game is Samus Aran is on a mission to retrieve a Metroid Larva Egg from the leader of the Space Pirates Ridley which lead to the Space Colony self-destruct and afterward landed on Planet Zebes to find Ridley and take back Metroid Lava.


The game play you play as Samus and you only alibies is to shoot and jump but you will unlock the more abilities as the game goes on. You also got your health meter (if it goes down to zero you will lost and you can change weapons as well. There is a map that you need to go so you don’t get loss and areas you have discovered. This is game you have to game through different section of Planet Zebes to get to bosses, save capsules and get power ups. The graphics of the game is solid 16-bit style and the backgrounds of the level stand out. The music is thrilling kind of reminds me of Alien franchise (I think it inspired this game) and I love Ridley theme give up to composer Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano. If you love a female bounty hunter this is the game for you. Super Metroid is available for SNES.


Super Metroid – Bounty Hunter Vs Space Pirate Retro Review

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