Dragon Ball Z: Budokai is a 3D fighting game developed by Dimp and published by Atari. This game is based on Dragon Ball series by Akira Toriyama and it’s one of the most popular manga in Japan and America. If you don’t know what Dragon Ball is let me tell you, It revolve about a Saiyan (extraterrestrial warrior) Goku (who is based on Journey to the West’s Sun Wukong) who goes on a journey to find seven Dragon Ball to make a wish and fight villains who tries to take over the universe. The storyline goes ever ways when it progresses, check out the anime if you have not. I will only talk about Budokai 1-3 not Shin or Infinite world, let’s get right to it.

The first Budokai, you have 23 playable in the based on that storyline. You controls are punch, kick, ki-blast, block, side-step, fly and powerup, each character have unique abilities from the anime such as Kamehameha to Galick Gun. There are beam struggles were two projectiles collide. Hyper mode which you increase your chance of winning. You can knock opponent into different part of the leve. These moves are done in a series of button combinations There is tournament mode (you can kick opponent off the ring), item shop (where you can buy capsule to customize your battles in battle) and practice mode is beginner you want to get into the game. The game story mode is based on Saiyan and Cell Saga storyline and I love how they animate the cutscenes in 3D. Budokai is completely different from its predecessor, the story mode in the game is called Dragon World (assembles a team and play through the Saiyan to Buu Saga) but the game mode from the previous games are still there. The character roster is change from 23 to 31 which is include forms and fusions. Budokai 3 is an improvement of 2 with new characters and mechanism to please the fan of the series. The story is extended towards the SBZ movies through GT and there is a ranking mode (which you can fight your way to the top). The graphics and music from the 3 games move to 3D to cel-shading, for the soundtrack it’s amazing give it up to the composer Kenji Yamamoto it’s pumps you up for the next battle. If you a Dragonball fan buy this game and give a try. Budokai: HD Collection is available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Series – Kamehameha Retro Review

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