Traumerin is a indie turn-based RPG platformer game developed by VelvetAntStudios, You play as a boy and his stuffed bear to save his mother from a strange world  that looks like broken toys. Where are 4 worlds and 20 levels in the game, the combat system is just like another turn-based RPG. You have three option: attack, skill, and items, you defeat enemies and level up your characters to earn unique abilities.  This game is not only a RPG but a platformer as well, which you jump and collect coins and etc.


This platformer portion of the game reminds of Super Mario and RPG portion is Final Fantasy. You can also buy items to us in battle and maybe exploring and there are bonus level in the game.  The graphics of the reminds you of 90’s Game Boy with pixel art and the soundtrack is  GB chiptune.    If you a fan of retro Game Boy style games this is for you. Traumerin is available now on PC.

Source: Siliconera


Traumerin – Save Your Mother From a Strange World

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