Well folks it’s almost 2017 and 2016 was a good but rough year for me. When I start blogging in September I didn’t know went I was getting into but I saw some YouTube videos that you can do it full-time or part time whatever you choose and make money from it. I didn’t want to go into blogging for the money but because I love it, note: blogging is not a get rich quick scheme it takes time and months (maybe a year) to grow just like YouTube and Twitch. You can do it on the side and have your full-time job too, if you plan on doing blogging full-time. There are methods to grow your blog such as quality, traffic, promote and network with other bloggers. That’s what I been doing in these four months and I met some great people and hope to meet more. While I am on YouTube I delete my channel with 262 subscribers because of MCN (don’t join them if you are a small YouTuber) and I rebooted my channel (now with 15 subscribers) and I know all the basics on growing my YouTube by watching SEO videos by Roberto Blake and Video Creators.


I think it takes time to get those 262 subs back but I am ready for 2017. In my channel I do live stream from Twitch or YouTube, Podcast (I talk about anime, movies and real world problems) and etc. As for Twitch I gain 225 followers and I stream various games and I help and promote other small streamers in the process. I been doing a lot of things in 2016 and there is some bad times but I push forward in my life because I hope my accomplish my goal in 2017 and play different video games and watch new anime (yes I am an otaku) next year. I promise to make blog posts that make people smile and share about social media. I am a blogger and I love what I do and I don’t plan on giving it up, their might be obstacle in my life that don’t want me to do this anything full-time but I have two feet I have to stand strong. So I wonder will be in store for 2017.


New Year’s Resolution for 2017 and Goals

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