2016 was a great year for gaming and I will tell my games I have played throughout the year. Note: I am not going to spoil the games that’s on my top 5.

5. BioShock: The Collection – 2k Games


This is remastered version of all the three Bioshock games (Bioshock 1-2 and Infinite). There is 100 hours of  gameplay and my favorite is Bioshock Infinite because of Elizabeth (she is y favorite female character). Buy this game if you enjoy the Bioshock series.


4.   Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X – Sega


Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X is a great game for music lovers, even if you are live streaming it on YouTube you will face copyright. In this game you can play as Miku and her friends, it;s fun and light-hearted but you have to match all the notes and not fail at the game.If you are a Hatsune Miku fan buy this game.

3. The King of Fighters XIV – SNK


A great fighting game for PS4 and the latest installment of KOF series I already did a review on this you can check it out and I think this is better than SFV. IF you are KOF fan buy this game.

2. Attack on Titan – Koei Temco


Based on the hit manga, Koei did this game right and it’s not like Dynasty Warriors but with different gameplay, I also did a review of this you can check that out. If you are a anime or manga fan get this game.

1. Overwatch –  Blizzard Entertainment


D.Va my favorite character in the game

This is one of my favorite shooters of all time and reminds me of Team Fortress 2. There is alot of unique characters and games modes to choose from. This is Blizzard’s most popular shooter as of now. If you have not play this game do so.

That’s pretty much my top 5 and I hope to do another one in 2017.


Top 5 Games I Enjoy In 2016

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Games I Enjoy In 2016

  1. As I have stopped gaming for years now, I haven’t actually played any of these…besides Bioshock…which will always rank as one of my favorite alltime games. Loved the atmosphere in those games 😀


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