SpiritSphere – 8bit Eyeball Air Hockey Game.


Eendhoorn Games bring you a indie sport game called SpiritSphere, which inspired by NES Legend of Zelda and Windjammers. In this game, you choose different characters with unique abilities in a RPG world arenas. This is a one-on-one airhockey type battle to test your reflects. The developer stated that “The game is easy to pick up, but hard hard to master and can quickly lead to heated”. When you in the field you can grab powerups to turn the tides to win your favor. Another thing that the developer stated “This game does not have online multiplayer, only local multiplayer”.


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Sony’s Shiny New Platinum Wireless Headset For Gaming


Sony just release a launch trailer for the new  Platinum Wireless Headset featuring 3D Audio for PS4. There is a desciption of the product “The Platinum Wireless Headset redefines premium gaming audio by creating an incredibly rich and detailed soundstage for your virtual world, faithfully delivering everything from the whisper of ghosts to the thunder of guns. This is How Games Were Made to Sound Enhanced 7.1 virtual surround sound powered by 3D audio technology”.  In the trailer it features 50mm drivers for range of sounds, dual microphones for advance noise cancelling, use of custom tunes using the 1 or 2 switch locate near the bottom of the head. You can change the range of sound by toggle with the bass, treble and md. During play a game you experience stunning 7.1 virtual surround sound.

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Donald Trump in Video Games


As you might now Donald Trump is our President of the United States and he thinks we is going to make America great again but I don’t want to go that. Well, let’s talk about the video games that he is in. First is Donald Trump: Real Estate Tycoon  developed by RedCap GmbH and it’s a  Business simulation. this game building your business and the goal is to beat Donald Trump. You choose up to  five cities: Los Angeles, New York City, Atlantic City, London and Paris. You can choose up to four restate commercial, hotel, office, and residential each of them  has three different building sizes: small, medium, and large. Trump will check out on you and if he is impress we will praise you and promote you. Trump can help you in the game (how nice) and you can choose prices of your restate. Before you build you can choose t the style, quality, number of floors and building duration with each floor you can make office, shops and condos. It will cost money you have to burrow money from the bank and have to pay it back (like student loans). Once you complete it, there are two ways selling ( it to make payment) or leasing (receive payment on a monthly basics).


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Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Gameplay and Coming to Steam


Level-5 and Studio Ghibli are at it again with the sequel to Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom has alot of changes gameplay and graphics to prequel.  The plot of Ni no Kuni II revolves about a prince named Evan with wants  cats, mice, and humans to live in harmony then a coup to overthrown Evan commends and was banised. Now Evan meets up with Roland, Tani, and beings known as Higgledies (if you are a pure of heart you can see them) to go on a journey to fight monster and take back the kingdom which is stolen from him.  The gameplay which is follows there is a overword explore which Evan, Roland and Tani are chibified just like World of Final Fantasy.


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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 – Zombies Eats Plants Not Brains Review


PopCap Games latest tower defense third-person shooter is back and better than ever. This is a sequel to Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, this game has more plants and zombie classics and new game modes. You can choose ever Zombies or Plants and the story of the game is Dr Edgar George Zomboss contract his future and obtains advanced technology such as Z-Mechs and conquer Suburbia (Plants home town). Plants are fed up and want to take back what is theirs by going to war with the Zombies. Backyard Battleground is your main menu you can go to multiplayer or complete daily quests. You can switch between plants or zombies.


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Blue Reflection – Magical Girls Vs Giant Monster


Koei Temco gave us a new trailer for their new IP called Blue Reflection such shows off the main heroines  fighting giant monster called “Progenitors”. In the first half of the trailer they show off the girls in school before fighting the Progenitors such as going on missions and interaction with other student. Afterward the girls goes into Other World to fight the  Progenitors, they transform into Reflectors. To defeat these beings they need “fragments” which you can equip to increase attack and defense. Fragments come in all kinds of effects and found in the Other World. This game reminds me of Persona 4 which you do school activities then after you fight monsters.vlcsnap-error102.png

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