Castle of no Escape 2 is a indie dungeon crawler developed by D.E.X. Team and published by Xitilon. This game draws inspired from NES Legend of Zelda, and it got over 216 dungeons you can explore. The point of the game is simple, you fight hundred monster, guarding the sword shards and exploring 216 rooms filled with hazards and artifices. There is a battle system  which you can use variety characters (Lizardman, Guardsman and etc)  weapons  and spells at your disposal.


You can choose between PAL/NTSC modes which can down the difficulty , frame-rate and music. There is the old school pasword system which reminds you of the NES days. You have to put in 13 characters and unlock more playable characters as you progress through the game.  The graphics and sound on the game reminds me of the NES  Era with 8-bit mix with chiptune. If you want a Zelda NES-style game this is for you.  Castle of No Escape 2 is available now on Steam.

Source:  Siliconera


Castle of No Escape 2 – 6 x 6 x 6 = Dungeon

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