Super Stone Legacy is a indie bullet-hell hack n slash game developed by GeoffReed. This  is a arcade-style game, you play as six heroes and you can swap between them. Note: this game is pretty difficult and you might run about of quarters.  You can play co-op or online whatever you choose to play. You explore dungeons with endless enemies big and small, there are 15 bosses in this game make sure you are prepared.


There are six characters with unique abilites such as Archer shoots arrows, Cleric  uses cross and shield himself, Fighter uses his kicks and punches, Wizard uses fire walls and other spells and Duliest uses weapon (axe and sword)  with blue flame  and finally Knight uses his sword.You can play with a Steam, PlayStation or Xbox Controller whatever you choose. The graphics of this game are Procedurally generated  along with the character designs and levels. If you want  an arcade-like bullet-hell game this is for you. Super Stone Legacy will be available on Jan 2017 and you can get more info on the website.

Source: Siliconera


Super Stone Legacy – Fate of Six Heroes

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