download  Frisky Business is a indie visual novel developed by Kbros Games, you play as a private detective named  Mr. Falco Frisk and you solve weird mysterious. Also you meet beautify  babes like these (image below), but  don’t let killer clowns and cases get in your way. First, you have to collect clues to solve the mystery like Scooby Doo on who is behind the clown make-up.There are 3 women in this game, you can flirt and interact with them but don’t let the clown get to them.

833291462_preview_Frisky Greenlight Trailer 01.Still002.jpg


There is a mini-game called Strip-Trivia (you have to buy the game and find out what is), there are multiple ending in this game as well but there are 3. Which girl you are going to save and will the clown get to her? Also you are part of a team, make sure you work together with them. If you are a fan of a visual with hot babes this is for you.   Frisky Business is on Stream Greenlight make sure to vote for it.

Source: Hardcoregamer.


Frisky Business – Detective Chick Magnet

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