I found something interesting article  about architecture and video games. A video  game developer Jose Sanchez created a software named Block’hood which has over 96 blocks which you can build your neighborhood. The blocks also have  20+ resources along  with inputs and outputs, make sure you building doesn’t decay if it does you have to replace it like a broken window. This game also have educational value, challenging and fun , so if you want to lean more about the game visit the website. Jose Sanchez thinks video games will become powerful tools to understand complex urban design issues, and to encourage collaboration between professionals and communities. Which is true I believe video games can educate people in some way and not just picking up a controller and play.


There are 10 different thing about video games architecture :

  1. Developing architectural narratives
  2.  Integrating landscape and architecture
  3. Building design
  4. Deploying materials & textures
  5. Scaling, proportion, and style
  6. Details
  7. Transitions
  8. Characters and environment
  9. Deploying materials & textures
  10. The space in between

Those are the principles of video game architecture and I have to give credit to Deanna Van Buren blog post. He did mention Maya and Auto-desk which these tools are use to developed video games such as character models and environments. Modding architecture is not free but it’s cost  range from 5%-15% depending on the project. If you go into video game development you might learn more. If you are interested in video game architecture and a huge fan of video game environments then you might spot some principles in the game you play.

Source: Dezeen



Video Games Architecture and Design

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