Soul Saber 2 is a dojin  multiplayer action shooter but  the developer is unknown. This game reminds me of Virtual On in some way. You play as 19  different droids with who with unique weapons and abilities such as melee, healing, ranged attacks , sniping, mobility and etc. You earn victory points and use them to customize you droid appearance, weapons and abilities. If you recive damage your clothes might deteriorate just like Senran Kagura.


There are 12 players on the field and I hoping they put online into it because I want to play with people. Also put in some game modes and more maps on the way.The graphics in this game look like cel-shaded 3D in it’s early stage.  If you want a fun droid multiplayer shooter this game is for you. Soul Saber 2 is available now and the stream verison is coming to February 2017.

Source: Siliconera


Soul Saber 2 – Droid Third-Person Action

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