Hollow Halls is a indie horror puzzle game developed by BrokenCodeGames, you play as a wheelchair-bound protagonist who tries to escape from a haunted facility.  You can only use your arms to push your wheelchair forward and explore the facility. There is nobody in the building by yourself and there is no help ever. All you have to do in the game is to find the pieces of the puzzle about what happen inside the building. The game is inspired by 90’s surivival horror game (well you have to get ideas so where), there is not combat and survival mechanics.


The developer noted that this game is story based atmospheric horror game with  puzzles and experiencing a dark-filled building. Don’t expect this game to be a jump-scare fest and zombie-shooter-game you had been warned. The game is very short and it’s made by one man. There is items in the game you can get to solve puzzles as well. The graphics of this game reminds me of the 90’s 3D polygon which is a nice touch and I bet the music is dark and thrilling.  If you love black/white horror game this is for you. Support Hollow Halls by voting for it on Steam Greenlight.

Source: Siliconera


Hollow Halls – Handicap Horror Game

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