Ahiri From Legend Of Legends ?

Fatal Fighter is a indie 3D fighting game developed  Zealm Gamemonster. You see this game takes inspiration from KOF, Street Fighter and maybe DOA.  Also this game is in Chinese you might enable to get around it ( I have). There are 9 playable characters in this game with various movesets and skin. There are game modes such as online, arcade, versus and etc. I love fighting game I might give it a shot but there is so negative impression of the game such as using elements from Street Fighter V (win pose pause) (for example this image below)

There is also the versus screen (image below), I am willing to give it a pass because other games copy each other and developer take inspiration from games to make I.P as they own.

The graphics reminds me of PSX era graphics and this game looks like it can be on mobile. If you love a all game fighting game this is for you. Fatal Fighter will be available in 2017 and make sure to vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

Source: Siliconera




Fatal Fighter – Street Figther All-Female Inspired Game

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