Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric survival horror game developed by Behavior Interactive and published by Starbreeze Studios. There is no story mode in this game other than you play as a group of survivors and a killer. This game has a third-person and first person perspective which is not new because Grand Theft Auto does it. If you are a survivor, your task is to run away from the killer and provide power by activating generators that lead to opening the exit door to win the game. You have health kits (to heal themselves) and tool-kits (repair generators), if you get caught by the killer and get impaled on a meat hook.


You can wiggle out on your own or wait until a teammate saves you, if no successful the game will be over. As for the killers, you job is to find and kill the survivors and each killer have abilities such as cloak, chainsaw sprint and many other perks. Once you found one of the survivors you have to put them on a meat hook to win the game. There are upgrades called Bloodwebs, you have to level up by gathering points in the game to unlock new items, abilities and etc. You can host a game or play with friends if they’ve this game on steam. My feedback on the game is I want more content on the game such as more game modes, more survivors and killers, new maps, a radar to find people and weapons to combat killers. I feel like this is an early access game and not enough content. If you love slashers and survival horror this is for you. Dead by Daylight is available on steam for $19.99.


Dead by Daylight – Run Boy Run Review

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