Lily’s Day Off is a indie visual novel developed and published  by Kyuppin. The plot of the game is you wake up next to a pop idol Lilypad Lily she is trying to find her way home but you have two choices stalker (I won’t choose that if I was you lol) or help her (I will choose this because I like helping people). You decision in the game will change the story and the ending based on character personalities, experiences, and outcome. Note: the developer stated that “This is a comedy visual novel. There are no explicit scenes. There is, however, some violence and scary scenes”.


You can choose 6 outfits that Lily can wear and don’t be perverted. You can listen to the soundtrack in the menu (probably located in the option). You can experience all the endings in the menu (choose your favorite if you like). There is a secret menus in the game that must be found. The art style in this game are hand-drawn character designs and the background is brush stroke. I bet her Lily personality is a tsundere I just want to  put that out there. If you are a fan of visual novels this is for you. Lily’s Day Off is available now on Steam.

Source: Siliconera


Lily’s Day Off – Famous Pop Idol’s Day Off

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