Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 - Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Switch started off with some rave music and light show along with a countdown (it’s not new year eve), Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima welcomes audience for joining the unveiling of Nintendo Switch. Tasumi stated that Nintendo release the Nintendo Switch video last year in October explain the dock and joy-con controllers.  The presentation will go more in depth with the hardware and software.  The release date is March 3, 2017 in US, Canada, Europe, Japan and price  29,980 (Japan) and North America (299.99), if you live in Europe check with your retailer for the price. Nintendo Switch has a online service, there will be a smart device app you can invite player , set play appointments and chat. The service will be for free (it’s a trial period) and it will be paid service in the fall 2017, more detail will be on a later date. Tatsumi also talk about Region Locking  they will not apply it on Nintendo Switch.  Entertainment Planner’s Shinya Takahashi retrospectives the past Nintendo consoles and handheld and show a video how does Nintendo Switch works.


General producr Yoshiaeki Koizumi goes in to detail on Joy-con and plays a video on it. The producer of 1-2-Switch Kouichi Kawamoto talks about the rumble feature and its a game. 1-2 Switch can be played without at the screen and looking at your eyes (awkward). 1-2 switch are for parties or ice breaks. Now the games (what you all been waiting for), the first games is ARMS and the producer Kosuke Yabuki  explains the game, Arms is a fighting sports game and it’s like a boxing and shooting. In order to play you  will need two joy-con (put one in a thumbs up pose) , it sense your motion in the game and when you twist the controller you punch curves. You move your character and jump by pressing a button and tilting the controller and the Joy-con, it’s easy that everyone can pick it up. Kosuke demonstrates two character spring man and ribbon girl in the begin of the match you can choose your ARMS,  there are playing locally and online battle and it will release in spring 2017. They shown Splatoon 2 game and the producer Hisashii Nogami  talks about the game. The takes plays  2 years after first game with new tech and battle stages, you can play with pro controller and joy-con.  There are online and local matches and Splatoon 2 will release on Summer 2017. Here comes Mario and Yoshiaki talks about Super Mario Odyssey and the plot of the game is Mario journey to a unknown world out of the Mushroom Kingdom and it’s a sandbox.


Mario in the real world and Mario hat got eyes and cap plays a role in the game, it will release holiday 2017. The show a montage of games Xenoblade 2 and a teaser of Koei Temco Fire Emblem Warriors. Koizumi introduce 50 third-party companies included Square Enix which they will release Dragon Quest X , X Heroes I and II.The shown Shin Migami no Taisei and Octopath Travler and more detail it later. Sega’s Creative Officer Toshihiro Nagoshi talks about ingratiating IPs with Nintendo Switch.  Todd Howard from Bethesda Games stated that Skyrim is coming to Switch. SUDA551 talks about No More Heroes coming to switch.  Patrick Soderlund  from EA announce that there sport IP FIFA coming to the Switch.At the end of the presentation they show a montage of games coming to Switch and shown   Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Water. Special Note: There is event that  you can play Nintendo Switch on Sundays in North America and there is details about it on their website. What do you think and what game will you buy?



Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 Summary and Breakdown

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