The live stream starts off with Sam, Morgan and Nate introduction themselves. There are in New York went a preview event is going on. Where you can get more info in you area by going to  The three will be talking about hardware, titles and  special guest stopping by and hands-on. They shown the trailer of the upcoming games that was showed in the Nintendo Presentation  2017. Nate talks about his favorite Mario Kart (release in April 2017) and Sam is Splatoon 2, their is also a segment on it and Morgan talks about ARMS and will show more gameplay in a segment. Sam reminds every if you didn’t see the presentation it available now and discuss about third-party developers. Morgan excited for Nintendo Switch is not region lock and Nate mention Has Been Heroes and he is a Twitch Gamer (what is his twitch channel). Sam loves Super Mario Odyssey reminds her of the game old days (I remember) and they will go more in-depth on Legend of Zelda.  Treehouse will show you more games that was not present at the presentation and Sam, Morgan and Nate stay up at Midnight watching the event. Without further ado, there showing ARMS with Kendra, Morgan and JC,  the basic is already shown in the presentation but you can grab your opponent and  5 characters in the demo.


Next up is in unboxing of the Nintendo Switch and walkthrough of what is inside. It comes with the dock, Joy-con controllers, game cards (600 gbs) which you into switch.  Joy-con comes with  wrist straps and comes with colors which sold repeatedly also with the wheel (Mario Kart with the same button as the Joy-con, there is also a charger but you can put them together to charge them as well. For Joy-con, there is capture, IR camera and home button.   Reggie talks about The Legend of Zelda Master Set ( price in $129.99) what’s included such as the game, Master Sword  statue, soundtrack, coin, carrying case and map of the game. If you want to Master Set there are limited  and get it while it last.


Hands-on Splatoon 2, show us the new  goo weapons and Turf War ( if you haven’t play the first game) all it is you cover all the turf with you ink before the time runs up. Certain weapons give you abilities such as dodge  which fill your redicale which makes you fire rapidly and their are special moves in this game also make you vulnerable after using it.  Ben from Konami is showing off  Super Bomberman R (Exclusive for switch),  they are playing through story mode and you can play alone or with a friend. There are 8 Bomberman and you can keep your items. You customize you Bomberman by getting coins and there are team kills and friendly fire. You and your buddy have 8 lives and the game is a throwback from the original, the  enemies a.i are pretty smart. When you lose lives you can play with your game or give up (which bring you back to the first world), there are battle mode which you can play local and online. Mario Kart 8 deluxe has new characters such as Inking girl and boy, King boob, Dry Bones and DLC characters. There are 3 new karts and some will come as DLC and maps from F-Zero and  new items.


Ultra Street Fighter II : The Final Challengers looks like a remake of the HD verison but you can play on classic graphics as well. You can fight with a friend, co-op (reminds of Street Fighter Alpha 3) and two new character Violent Ken (SNK vs Capcom) and  Evil Ryu.   Snipperclips is a puzzle game, which you fill in shapes, cut each other to fit the shape and rotation or undo the shape. It looks like a fun game, Has-Been Heroes gameplay is you do melee attack, defend a lane, you have to collect items to get stronger. The characters are the rogue, mage and warrior they have unique spells and abilities. You have to defend the princess and they help you collect coins for you. This game is fast-pace and switching between is amazing, but more you advance the game gets harder and there are waves of enemies.  The Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild show off the Great Pleteau Tower, you can jump on the horse or sneak up behind it, once you tame it (if it not used to you)  and there are stables for the horse. You can name the horse and registered it There are amiibos but didn’t go into detail about them.  They look at  the past Mario games and lastly 1-2- Switch which look like a great for parties.  What do you think? I might get a Nintendo Switch and do a unboxing video along with it. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for that and content on Nintendo Switch.



Nintendo Treehouse Live 2017 Summary and Breakdown.

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