Dark Devotion look like a pixel art version of Dark Souls, this game is indie action-platformer game developed by Hibernian Workshop. You play as a heroine who is devote my god himself and she is a Templars but fights alone. She will have to face dangers that comes in her way. In the trailer, we see some smooth gameplay and animation I am liking the dark atmosphere. In this game you are taking action in gods name, you have to defeat enemies to open doors and treasure chests. There are two things be blessed or cursed which is a mechanic in the game, being cursed make you equipment unaffected  and you don’t want to fall in despairdownload-2

You can’t go back in this game which the developer stated once you choose a path it will be different than before or you might get easily lost. You can get loot such as armor, weapons and customize your own equipment in the process. Throughout the story you meet NPC, enemies (they don’t rest in this game) and etc. Note: this game was  under development since almost a year, with a long phase of research and composed by three passionate gamers living in France.  If you want to support them vote for Dark Devotion on Stream Greenlight and make sure to be devoted to buy this game.

Source: Siliconera


Dark Devotion – Rageous and Bloody Fights

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