Note this is a unoffical and a fanmade  rom for the NES. This game is developed by Grimlock and his team. The game takes place 30 years after the original Metroid Samus Aran doesn’t appear in this game but you called  Dawn Aran (possiable Samus’s  birth mother) who was taken and trained  by Ridley and she was a human test subject and use as a weapon. Her mission is to  retrieve a newly discovered biological specimen in the possession of a Federation research crew orbiting planet SR388 and prove her worth to Ridley.


The gameplay is the same as NES version, you control Dawn as you play as Samus. You have different weapons at your disposal such as smart bombs, missiles and etc. The gameplay feels faster than the original NES one. You can access a map to new where you going and you get the feel that this game is a run and gun title. The graphic is updated pixel art bring the 8-bit glory days of the NES. The soundtrack is bring nostalgia to the Metroid series. If you want to know to true what happen before Samus Aran’s adventure s then download this game and support the developer.  Metroid: Rogue Dawn is avaiable now to download and you will need a NES emulator.

Source: Siliconera


Metroid: Rogue Dawn -Prequel to the Orginal

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