Just like the classic Disney days when I hero also have a lovable sidekick at their side. Video Games also have sidekicks and supporting characters in one. Don’t you just want to have a nice cup of tea or go to a party? Let’s get right to my top 5 video games sidekicks that you will love to hang out with.
5. Daxter from Jak and Daxter series


Daxter was a human turned into an ottsel, he is your wise-cracking, womanizer and one of the funniest characters in the game. Daxter is the voice of reason for Jak in the first game but later on stands out. The Naughty Dog creative director San Arey stated “Daxter is a secret weapon for when scenes starts to get boring. Daxter also start in his own game and consider one of Gaming’s Unsung Heroes, 20 Greatest Sidekicks in Video Games and best “Original Game Character of the Year.
4. Maya Fey From Ace Attorney


Maya Fey is Phoenix Wright’s closes friend and sidekick that help him in various investigation and cases. Maya has an older sister named Mia Frey (who was Phoenix Wright’s mentor) and was killed by Redd White later was accused of murdering her sister. Afterwards Phoenix got her a not guilty verdict and Maya is indebted to him. Maya is you happy-go-luck spirit medium who can channel spirits of the deceased and is Phoenix’s light (due to her personality). Maya is one of the most thoughtful sidekicks in Phoenix Wright.

3. Rush from Mega Man Series


Rush is a robot dog created Dr. Light to assist Mega Man on his adventures. Rush can transformer into various such as coil, jet, adaptor, motorcycle, drill and submarine. Rush can also store items and consider one of the best sidekicks in Mega Man.

2. Clank from Ratchet & Clank


An escaped robot from Planet Quartu, Clank (nicknamed XJ-0461) is a robot that has many attachments and abilities such as jetpack, transform in to giant robot and go into tight spaces. Clank sometimes have disagreement with Ratchet due to his selfishness in the first game. Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Clank is warned by Zoni not to travel with Ratchet and has to face difficult decisions. Clank does have his own game to Secret Agent Clank.

1. Elizabeth Comstock from Bioshock Infinite


She is one of the best supporting and sidekicks in video game history. He can handled herself pretty well I already explain about her in another post you can check it out.

Those are my top 5 video game sidekicks I am sure there is more out there, they are more out that needs shine just like the Disney ones.

Source: Whatculture



Top 5 Video Games Sidekicks That You Want to Hang Out With

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