The company Lanze Games just launch a Kickstarter campagin of their Sandbox Roguelike Action RPG Pixel Princess Blitz . You play as  Kuruna, a young strider who travels far distances on a regular basis to help people in need, day, you receive reports of suspicious Wildren activities in the province of Hummingwoods, and venture out to investigate the situation. In the game you explore to different sections with fog, snow, rain and etc, every activity you do drain your stamina and you will be exhaust from battle. you have to rest to be fully energize if you don’t you will be expose to infection and diseases. You also hunt for food, investigate and use sheath your advantage. When heading on your journey you will find NPCs which they can recruit, fight, flee, build settlements and assist you in battle.


Speaking of settlements (pubs, weapon shops and inn) they can protect them from raids and siege. Where are different dungeons in the game such as Guard, Trap and Generation rooms. The combat in this game is tactical real-time battle, you can block , dodge, reflect and use special moves as you fight hundred enemies and bosses.


You can;t fight if you don’t have the best equipment such as daggers and other blunt weapons, you can upgrade and use items in your quest. Where are different scenarios  such as random events (pen and paper style), strength (intimidate people), agility (sneak past enemies), constitution (withstand poison)  and more, There are multiple endings based on your actions. The graphics is a chibi-fied pixel art and reminds me of the Game boy Advance. If the Kickstarter reach a certain goal (image below) you will be rewarded (image below).


If you love a sandbox rpg then support the Kickstarter  and the game will be available on  in Mide 2018., also vote for it on StreamGreenlight.

Source: Siliconera


Pixel Princess Blitz – Sandbox Fantasy Kickstarter

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