As you know video games demographic are majority of males but that’s back in the 1980s. Fast forward to 2017 women are playing video games even more, they like same genre as males do such as shooter, fighters, rpgs, mmos and many more. Not just gamer but also developers as well, there is more strong female protagonists than ever before just like males. I like to sidetrack on something, as you know when you create a character as a male gamer, there are options for gender (man and women) normally as a male your choose man and the female choose women but nowadays both male and female choose the opposite. Female gamer as nerds too and a huge fan of video games, you see them cosplaying, form group, design, entertain on online (such as YouTube and Twitch). There is some negative aspects on the gaming girl culture such as getting harass online for example Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian incident involving GamerGate, look at as an object for sex and not treating them as a male gamer and etc. We need to respect out women gamers but there are some creeps out who don’t treat female like a princess.



As a male gamer I respect female gamers and welcome them with open arms. I would like to talk to them about what games they play and since I am a YouTuber and Twitch Streamer I would like to collab with them. To be honest I am a bit nervous and shy around women or possibly withdrawn from society itself. As far as I know there are very attractive gamer girl I admit that but I am way out of there league, besides who will go out with me? I am an independent African American looking to be self-employed and love is the las thing that comes to mind because of past betrayals of people ( I will do a video on that in my YouTube Channel). Don’t say female shouldn’t play video games it’s for everybody in male or female, maybe a pet can play video games. That’s apart of being a gamer in video game culture. Gamer girls are here to stay and if you don’t like it turn off the console. One last thing “treat others that they want to be treated” that should be in a rule in the video game industry.


Why Gamer Girls Rock!

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