Koei Temco gave us a new trailer for their new IP called Blue Reflection such shows off the main heroines  fighting giant monster called “Progenitors”. In the first half of the trailer they show off the girls in school before fighting the Progenitors such as going on missions and interaction with other student. Afterward the girls goes into Other World to fight the  Progenitors, they transform into Reflectors. To defeat these beings they need “fragments” which you can equip to increase attack and defense. Fragments come in all kinds of effects and found in the Other World. This game reminds me of Persona 4 which you do school activities then after you fight monsters.vlcsnap-error102.png

The combat in this game is turn based and there is not random encounter it’s just like Tales series which you can strike a enemies on the over world to  get a head start in battle. In battle you have 5 options attack, support, overdrive, escape and ether change, also you can summon and guard too.


In the school setting you can use apps like “FuriSupe” which you use as a  part of the everyday life to check out friend profiles, to use its chat function, play mini-games, and more. You can hang out with your friends, create items, fix problems by going into the Other World. If you are a games like Persona 4 and Magical Girls fighting monster this is the game for you. Blue Reflection will be available on March 30, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Soruce:  Siliconera and 2


Blue Reflection – Magical Girls Vs Giant Monster

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