As you might now Donald Trump is our President of the United States and he thinks we is going to make America great again but I don’t want to go that. Well, let’s talk about the video games that he is in. First is Donald Trump: Real Estate Tycoon  developed by RedCap GmbH and it’s a  Business simulation. this game building your business and the goal is to beat Donald Trump. You choose up to  five cities: Los Angeles, New York City, Atlantic City, London and Paris. You can choose up to four restate commercial, hotel, office, and residential each of them  has three different building sizes: small, medium, and large. Trump will check out on you and if he is impress we will praise you and promote you. Trump can help you in the game (how nice) and you can choose prices of your restate. Before you build you can choose t the style, quality, number of floors and building duration with each floor you can make office, shops and condos. It will cost money you have to burrow money from the bank and have to pay it back (like student loans). Once you complete it, there are two ways selling ( it to make payment) or leasing (receive payment on a monthly basics).


Here is the kicker, now you are set you will have to challenge Donald Trump  and make him Bankrupt (I would love to see that happen). Donald Trump Real Estate Tycoon kind of reminds you of SimCity and it’s available for PC. Next up Donald Trump: The Game made by Milton Bradley Company 1989) in  this the first time I talk about Board games in this blog.


The game is all about buy and sell various properties in an attempt to make money like Donald Trump if you make the most money you will win. You can play up to four players and there are eight properties and six different spaces (1989 version) and  properties and five spaces (2004 version). You have eight different types of cards and five profit cards,


also don’t think this is Monopoly (this game was created by Parker Brothers 2004). If you want to pay this game buy it.  Finally  Surgeon Simulator 2013 which feature Donald Trump which is called “Inside Donald Trump” which you preform a heart transplant to save Donald Trump.


In this game you can  perform various surgical procedure and operations like a real surgeon.  You have to move the mouse and keyboards for the player ‘s hands. If you want Surgeon Simulator 2013 is developed by Bossa Studios and if you want this game it’s available on Ps4, Steam, Android and IOS.  That’s all of Donald  Trump for today let see how he make American great again.


Source: Hasbro







Donald Trump in Video Games

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