Logitech – Innovation in the PC Digital World


Logitech revolves around products that deals with gaming, internet, music, computer and for your home. Logitech started in 1981 in Switzerland, Apples and became worldwide leaders of computer mice for PC and laptop users. Logitech offers 7,000+ jobs around the 40 countries and if you have a passion and have a great portfolio sign up. Logitech has a offices in Hong Kong, Suzhou, Hsinchu, Tokyo, Lausanne and Silicon Valley. Logitech won countless innovation and design awards such as Red Dot 2016 Product Design Awards, 2016 iF Design Awards, CES Innovation Awards 2016 and many more. Logitech sustainability policies such as employment, minerals, giving back, global recycling, energy & greenhouse gases and more. You can search for you FCC and CE documents on your product name and part number. Logitech work with school for electronic equipment for classrooms you can choose student or faculty and the name of your school, you save up to 20% and education is expensive.


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RazerZone – Sponsors of Esports and Gamer Everywhere


Do you want the hottest gaming products? Shop at RazerZone for your gaming gear for live streaming and just get your game on. This company was founded by CEO Min-Lian Tan and Robert Krakoff in 2005, it started as a tiny office with a mission to create high quality gaming products. Razer has hundreds of employees around the world to bring you cutting edge technology for Esports and gamers. Razer has a Epsort team called Team Razer and sponsors gaming events, tournaments and you guess it Esports. Razer is funded by Intel Capital, IDG-Accel and Heliconia Capital Management and collab with Microsoft, Habu, Reclusa and other companies. Razer with athletes such as Xiao Feng “Sky” Lu, Jaeho “Moon” Jang, Jeffrey “Trump” Shih and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. Well as Teams such as Team eLevate, Team Prophecy, and Team Automatic Reload.


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Indies of the Week #4 -Cartooney



Welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week, today’s theme is cartooney which is a type of graphics and style. Check out the previous post of indies to check out,   Here are today’s indies.

3. 8  Doors – Rootless Studios

8 door.PNG

This game is a multiple ending indie rpg which you play as a girl named Lily who journeys to the afterlife to solve a mystery of the death of her father and bring him back to life. She meets up with king of Afterlife Yama and he request Lily to became a reaper to bring her father back. This game is made with RPG Maker and it’s unique graphics. The combat system is turn-based and you can choose to attack, skill, special, guard and items.


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Killer Instinct – Ultra Combo Retro Review


Killer Instinct is a fighting game developed by Rare and published by Midway and Nintendo. This is one of the first fighting game that has two life bars and break combos. If you don’t what is Killer Instinct let me give you a backstory, Killer Instinct story revolves around a powerful megacorporation called Ultratech hosts a fighting tournament with experimental creatures and normal people to test their strength, little to know Ultratech has discover a technology to bridge the gap between dimesons and our world releasing a two-head satyr monster named Eyedol (final boss). Nintendo signed a licensing agreement with WMS Industries (Midway’s parent company) to develop and market arcade games using Project Reality (Nintendo 64). Killer Instinct was announced and Nintendo couldn’t violent video games but Nintendo’s direct of Marketing George Harrison stated “Williams wouldn’t have entered into this deal if they thoughts their hand would be tied”


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Persona 4: The Animation – Save Your True Self Anime Review


Based on the PlayStation 2 video game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 by Atlus, Persona 4: The Animation is one of the best video games anime adaptation I ever watch. It’s all thanks to director Seiji Kishi (who worked on Danganronpa, Assassination Classroom, Angel Beats! And Re:_Hamatora) and it’s animated by Anime International Company (AIC ASTA). The anime is very faithful to the source material of the PlayStation 2. The plot of anime is the same as video game, a high student named Yu Narukami (who is a silent protagonist in the game) who moves to Inaba with his uncle and cousin while his parents work abroad. One day, Yu turns on the TV on a rainy day then Midnight Channel (A world where shadows live) comes on and goes to school and meets Yosuke Hanamura and Chie Satonaka. The Three decide to go inside the TV world while there is a strong of murders on a foggy day, while in the TV world you the three meets a resident in the TV world Teddie and tell them that people are thrown in her and find the culprit behind the incident. While being inside the TV the group unlock a power called Shadow to defeat the shadows and themselves.


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Does Gaming Bloggers Work Hard Like Others?


This is a subject that has been bothering me as a gaming blogger I know we don’t get a lot of views and likes just like anime, film, lifestyle, fitness and beauty bloggers. Well it’s because of platforms like IGN, Kotaku, and Siliconera (which I get most of my sources, Polygon and many more that has gaming news that makes it harder for us. Yes we work hard on creating a platform that which we can express our passion for gaming and the industry in general. We talk about the latest news of games that coming out, reviewing a video game we play and love and if you are a YouTuber and Twitch Steamer you can promote yourself as a blogger to gain new audience. I know Gaming is a saturated market and there is a lot of popular gaming blogs out there. It’s tough to compete with them. That’s why we need to work together, network and collab with one (other note: other blogger can do that too) by shouting each other out. People think how can we collab on a blog? There are somethings you can do such as podcast, YouTube collab and whatever you can think of. There is one more thing, social media use it well grasshopper and meet other gaming and make friends.


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