We already know you need a controller to play a game and without it you don’t control we is going on in the game. Every video game console needs a control but what about for your computer. In the 80s -90s you needed a device called a Joystick which model after a mechanism in the fighter jet cockpit (where your steer and buttons to fire missiles and machine guns. Joysticks can be in the category as arcade stick (controls you see in the arcade), Gamepad and etc. Here is some history, The Germans developed the two-axis joystick in 1994 and was used as a radio control transmitter system used in certain German bomber aircraft, used to guide both the rocket-boosted anti-ship missile Henschel Hs 293, and the unpowered pioneering precision-guided munition Fritz-X. In the video game era, Ralph H. Baer created the first video game joystick in 1967 with horizontal and vertical controls on a spot on a screen.After 1960s joystick evolved and became gamepads, for example NES gamepad layout is has four buttons (A. B, Start and Select) along with directional pad (Up, Down, Right and Left). The design of the control is a brick which the first game is Super Mario which I guess they have the idea from.


Sega Mega Drvie Controller has eight directional pad instead of four and along with six buttons (for some game like Street Fighter) and three buttons (for games like Sonic). Fast Forward to the early 2000s, Playstation controller (past-present) has two analog sticks (there is a button to turn it off and on), four L and R shoulders, four shape buttons (square, triangle, circle and cross). Which is called Dualshock which the control have a function vibrate (just like N64 Rumble Pak) and also you can use the two analog stick as a button. As for the N64 controller, there is one analog stick and four C directional buttons along with A,B,L,R Z. In the back of the controller you can insert Rumble Pak and a memory card. For Xbox (360 and One), there is two bumper in front of the triggers) and middle button (Xbox logo) which turns the controller and system on and also pull up a menu. Same goes for PS4, the Dualshock 4 does have speaker in the controller which you can command it. You can move the DualShock 4 with motion tracking and plug your headset too. Nintendo Wii-u has Wii U Gamepad which is like a tablet and the remote which can be used as a controller. As for your PC and Mac, there are USB controllers that you can plug up and play. You can play emulators and steam games, If you want a UBS controller you can buy it at Amazon and other retail places.

Source: 1up


Gaming Controllers For Your PC

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