Forever Entertainment S.A. and Oscar Celestini bring you a get out of hell indie platformer.   You play as a lost soul and can’t remember you past life, you have not idea what is the situation is. You are trapped in hell and want to escape ( there is another game just like this), but you are unarmed and defenseless to fight but nobody knows you are armed and on a journey to find your way out of hell but you have to defeat Mastema to proceed. Developers made the game hard enough to completed along 8 bosses, 55 levels and save points in each location. 


If you want to survive the depths of hell you have to collect weapons and items but be careful of traps and hazards in the game. You can start a new game or continue where you save at. When you start the game you will see in overworld of levels just like Ghost N Goblins style. This game reminds me of the MS Dos days, the 16bit pixel and backgrounds and the soundtrack is reminiscing to the 1989/1990 thanks to Gianluca Pappalardo. You can use special attack Castlevania style, this game is a serious death trap waiting for you. Keyboard or gamepad is available on this game, you can take shortcuts in this  game if you want to beat the level. Mysterious secrets is available to uncover  and you can use CRT filter for nostalgia. If you love action-adventure horror 16bit game this game is for you.  Mastema: Out of Hell will be available on Q1 2017 and make sure to vote for it on Steam Greenlight.


Source: Siliconera


Mastema: Out of Hell – Hundred Ways to Die

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