Do you guys remember back in the 80- 90’s which Blockbuster used to have video games for rental like SNES, PSX, Sega Genesis, NES, N64 and many more? First if you want to buy the full game you have to make sure you have to try it out to see its right for you. After you take the game back on a certain date or if not you will be charge for late fees. Now Blockbuster is out of business and it brought so much memories renting games from early childhood and now there is GameFly. GameFly is an online video game rental subscription service which has classic and present games from various consoles and you can get the CD by mail. The history of the company how it was build, in early 2002 two guys Sean Spector and Jung Suh partnered with CEO Toby Lenk to start GameFly, it’s receives venture capital funding from Sequoia Capital2009 . The company acquired gaming news like Shacknews and MobyGames. In 2001 Gamefly brought Direct2Drive (which was owned by IGN) which helps subscribers to merged D2D and GameFly into a single account. Until this day GameFly will never go public but stay as a private company.Games.PNG


How does GameFly works you ask? well you have to become a member by signing up, All you have to do is pick a game, pay it and get it delivered to your mail box and there is no due date or late fees. If you have a phone you can download the app and do the same thing also connect with other gamers. You have to pick a plan and the price range from  $15.95/month  to $36.95/month.


Gamefly not just sell games but movies as well ranging from Bluray to DVD, You can get news feed of you favorite video games and movies. If you want to make money with GameFly there is a Affiliate Program which you have to send customers to Gamefly and you  earm$15 or even more (earn 5% on the sale of new console games and 10% off on used console games). If you to work at Gamefly you can apply because they’re looking for great people. For streamers, there is GameFly Streaming which you don’t have to install or update a game, play directly for connected devices. You can play multiplayer online and local, save a game with cloud and etc. If you want to cancel your membership  you are entitled to a refund and you have to return the movie and game. GameFly also have a blog too you can check out for updates. What are you waiting for? if you want to try out Gamefly sign up for a free trial. Renting for buying a game can save you some money.

Source: Gamasutra




GameFly – Renting Video Games before Buying

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