Decluttr is a website which you can sell your dvds, video games and many others with a set price of $5. Which reminds up of Fivver but you are selling your used items that you own already, you can move room in your home and make money in the process. You know does it work I will tell you, first you have to enter your items barcode on the site’s valuation engine and you will get an offer of what value (what condition it’s in) is the item. Note: You can use your phone and download the app and scan the barcode with your smartphone camera. You have to put a minimum of $5 to complete the order, once confirmed you have to pack them in box (no more than 200 items) you can pack another box if needed. If you need a shipping label Decluttr has your back and it’s free, they will send it to you and take to down UPS, DropBox( you have to under 25 items) or any postal place.



After you ship the items you get made the next day which it’s called Fast Next Day Payments, You can receive a direct deposit or Paypal, there is no  No auctions, no fees, no hassle so don’t worry about it and also it won’t affect your credit score or have late fees. Decluttr is a price promise which they pay you the right price for your items or they can return your item for free. Decluttr  is only located in the US and UK there is no another country that has Decluttr but hopefully in the future it will. If you own a blog like me or website their is a  Affiliates & Partners program for commissions and network tracking your money on your campaign to find out more contact If you are looking for sponsorships Decluttr has a opportunity for advertisement for your brand such as email, skyscrapers,banners and more if you want this contact you refer a friend, first you have to register a code  and Decluttr will add $10 bonus to your basket and follow the same steps but your next pay will double. Decluttr has been on Good Morning America, ABC News, Fox News, Fast Company and Wall Street Journal. If you want to sell used Dvd, Video games and more give it a go, make sure to check out the website.



Decluttr – Sell Your Used Products to Make Money

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