PlayerAuctions is like an auction for gaming and it’s also a C2C trading platform for buyers and sellers. PlayerAuctions is a digital marketplace ecommerce platform for trading virtual gaming products. This company is founded in 1999 and going strong, PlayerAuctions helps buyers and sellers to connect with each other around the world such as payments, offers and make sure your products is delivered in time. PlayerAuctions also work with other companies Item Bay, IMI, 1tem Mani@ and Game Man@ check them out if you like. You are wondering why trade on PlayerAuctions? Is it a benefit of it? PlayerAuctions helps empowers gamers who are willing to trade, buy and sell and build a fun community. As for the buyers, PlayerAuctions make sure there is fast delivery, safe transaction and a great selection of products. Sellers are provided a platform to showcase their products to buyers and offer deals around the world. The statistics of PlayerAuctions are 220k registered buyers, 300k annual transactions, 205k registered sellers and 3.8 visitors. PlayerAuctions has a team that can help you in any way such as product (6 members), technology (9 members), marketing (10 members), risk management (14 members), customer support (12 members), payments & finance (6 members) and talent & culture (4 members).



PlayerAuctions you can choose variety products such as In-Game Currency for games like World of Warcraft, FIFA, Madden and etc. In-Game Items and Skins for Team Fortress 2, Stream. Counter Strike and more. Game accounts such as League of Legends, HearthStone, Blade and Soul and Summoners War note: these are people who want to level up easy if they don’t want to play the game extended amount of time. Power leveling, Coaching, and Boosting this is for people who want to employ a professional League of Legends and World of Warcraft player to help you to level up and give you pointers to be better. CD Keys are for game activation such as Steam, Origin, PSN and Xbox and you can get them at a discount price. Redeem codes are digital codes for PSN and Xbox, lastly gaming gear such as gaming chairs, keyboard, t-shirts and more. If you want know where is PlayerAuctions in your countries, there is 6 locations USA, Shanghai, Hong Kong, South Korea and Philippines. These counties provide 24/7 customer support, members can speak multiple language and advanced inventory. As payment you can choose up direct deposit from Discover, Visa, MasterCard, Bank of America, Western Union, American Express, Skrill and Neteller. You can also use Paypal and PlayerAuctions has a 100% fraud protection with advance anti-fraud technology.


There are fees for in-game Currency, Items, CD Keys, Redeem Codes, and Software Licenses, Gaming at 9.99% + $0.99, Game Accounts at 16.99% + $0.99 and Power Leveling at 14.99% + $0.99. As for payment, Paypal at 2.00% (up to $1 for US sellers; up to $20 for all others) and Alipay at 3.00% + $0.99 but for registration and for-sale offer creation are free. PlayerAuctions has an Affiliate Partner program; if you have a blog, website or social media, all you have to put banners, links and when someone clicks in buy you will get paid for commission. PlayerAuctions is partner with CJ Affiliate and Global Wide Media make sure you part of them before becoming an Affiliate with PlayerAuctions contact them at affiliate@playerauctions.com. Are you read to become a seller and buyer in join PlayerAuctions? If you have any questions on contact them at support@playerauctions.com and register at www.playerauctions.com/member/registration/ or became a partnership marketplace@playerauctions.com.


PlayerAuctions – Where Sellers and Buyers Trade

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