SCDKey has been a professional and reliable platform where customers can purchase game codes and game keys for your favorite software on Steam,  Uplay, Xbox, PlayStation, Origin, Mac. This company was established in 2008 with more than 7 years experience.  SCDKey has A wide variety of products in the area of games, online gaming, game cards  can be found on the site. SCDKey offers the lowest prices of games with instant delivery system, Note: SCDKey is not only a retailer but a direct sales supermarket. About the instant delivery system, it’s takes  10-30 minutes to get the code but if you are a returning customers the process will be much faster. SCDKey also have a  fraudulent prevention system for protecting you and have safe purchases. There is a live chat where you can ask question and also Skype and email too.



You can request any game you want them such as price,  what console, the game and etc. There is a news feed that you can get the latest new on your favorite games. There is a video on if SCDKey is legit and it shows you can log-in or register an account, select a game and buy it. along with 24hr customer service and review  on what do you think of the game. The Affiliate Program is you have to send people to the website to buy the game and you earn commissions. First you have to join the program,  verified your email., good to your dashboard and click on the tool button. You will have tracking urls and links, post it on Twitch, YouTube, Social Media, Blog, Forums, Websites and more. Note: you can’t spam these and you can’t use your own link to make purchases you will be banned. If you want to find out more go to the page. SCDKEY got a great selection of games such as Rocket League,  TitanFall,  World Of WarcraftResident Evil 7 and many more check out the website and get you moneys worth. 


SCDKEY – Get the latest Keys For Your Favorite Games

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