This is the first time I talk about Nendoroid series in this blog but this caught my attention because I love Overwatch. If you don;t know what  Nendoroids it’s pretty much a  cute chibi-fied version of the character. This time Blizzard and Good Smile Company are teaming to bring your Tracer from Overwatch. If you don’t know who Tracer is, she is a offence hero that can rewind time, move very fast with a device on her chest (created by Winston) and teleport to outsmart enemies. Note: she is a low-damage hero but very fun to play as and make a appearance on Heroes of the Storm.  Personally, I want to see a  D.VA Nendoroid some day.


About the Nendoroid in question, she comes with a stand which is good her poses (maybe the controversial victory pose). Her pistols which she use in the game and you can make a part of her hair. Her is sporting her classic skin and you can also make her legs, arms and etc. It comes with special effects and her bomb which she uses for her Ultimate. She came make expression like this one (image below).


If you want to preorder  (there are open from February  15 2017  through March 29 2017) this get it before it gone and always if you are a fan of Overwatch buy the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. I would love to see more Overwatch characters as Nendoroid. Tracer Nendoroid will be available August 2017 and she will cost around ¥4,537 ($40) in Japan but in the USA price is unknown.

Source: Siliconera


Good Smile Is Making a cute Tracer Nendoroid

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