Welcome to another option of Indies of the Week this weeks theme is graphics which the indies I am about to list have unique graphics and check out last weeks picks. Should these indie game more recognition I think so, let’s see what indies we got this week.

5. Slice Dice & Rice – Dojo Games


This is a indie fighting inspired by Bushido Blade (anybody play that game in the old day), the only way to win is to defeat your opponent with one strike. You have to remember the move and the developers remove the move-list, the gameplay you can dodge, parry and counter your opponent’s strikes. There are 8 playable characters with unique abilities, 6 stages along with graphic novel style graphics. If you want a samurai-like fighting game then vote for it on Stream Greenlight.   Note: There is no health bars in this game.


4. Zangeki Warp – ASTRO PORT


This game is a Dojin old-school arcade shoot’em up and it’s inspired by Gradius, R-Type, and X-Multiply.  The plot of the game is you are a aircraft called ZanFighter and on a mission to defeat a  evil genius scientist Doctor Benomiya and his Vicious BEMs (Bug Eyed Monsters). The gameplay feel like a 90s arcade shooter and the Zanfighter has a unique abilities such as Warp Slash which you pass through any type of physical matter, including enemy bullets and obstacles Dimensional Shockwave is a area-effect attack inflicts damage upon any enemies present at the warp destination. Decoy The hologram acts as a decoy, distracting enemy visuals and sensors, and drawing their fire. and many more. The game developed by 3 people and stated “this is how fun action shooting games can be!”. If you are in the mood of an arcade shooter this is for you, get it ow on Steam.

3. Shotgun Farmers -Megastorm Games


This game reminds you of Team Fortress and it’s a indie online multiplayer where you grow your bullets and weapons which is unique in someway. There is up to 16 player in multiplayer and 4 vegetable-based weapons like the shotgun, pea stol,, trusty shovel, carrocket launcher and sniperagus rifle. There are 5  farm-based game modes team deathmatch, hen of the hill, plant and destroy, capture the sheep and deliver the payload. There are 8 maps in the game along with 4  farm environments, customization is also available to make your character stand out. If you want to host a game you can use a password and if you have feedback on the game go to If you want a fun shooter then get this game and vote for it on Stream Greenlight.


2. Little Miss Lonely – Aaron

1486742874_preview_Gif Optimised.gif

This is a  adventure indie that reflect on childhood and fear. You play as a 9 year old girl named Robin and her babysitter left her (how neglectful) and misplace something that’s important to her. The trailer is so emotional and make you want to cry,  throughout the you can experience Robin personality and relationships. You can save the game if you choose to take a break, I am looking the paper-ish graphics reminds me of a child’s story book. If you want a sad and emotional game vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

1.Fugl – Johan Gjestland


Lastly, this is a pretty-looking Simulation indie with procedurally generated voxel world. You play as a voxel bird and you cane explore mountains, fly through areas and interaction with animals such as monkeys, birds and more. The developers are intended to open up  a early access version of the game if its goes will. This is indie has been showcase at Indie Cade Europe 2016, Rezzed LeftField Selection 2016, Game Happens 2016, Nordic Indie Sensation Nominee 2016 and Best of GDC Play 2016.  Make sure to support this game and if you want a color procedurally generated indie game vote for it on Steam Greenlight.


That’s all for this week and make sure to support these developers and creators without inspiration from other game we will not have amazing ideas. Tune in next Sunday for indies of the week #3/


Indies of the Week #2 -Graphics

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