Telltale games brought us another comic adaptation just like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. Batman: The Telltale Series put us in a perspective of the cape crusader and the main behind the mask. Based on the DC Comics created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, this is game not tied to any Batman storyline or film but a whole new original material. Like any Telltale game you have choices, and quick time event to make the story more interactive. This game has five episodes (Realm of Shadows, Children of Arkham, New World Order, Guardian of Gotham and City of Light) and you play as Bruce Wayne and Batman whatever the situation is (it’s your choice). This is not the Arkham Series so don’t go into this thinking of that, it’s a point and click graphic adventure. As you know there are characters you will meet such as Lt. James Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth, Harvey Dent, Catwoman, Oswald Cobblepot, Carmine Falcone, The Joker and many more.



The gameplay you can approach a situation as Batman or Bruce Wayne, if Batman you can use your detective skills such as searching for clues, piecing evidence to what happen at the crime scene, looking for suspects and fighting crime. As Bruce, you uncover truth about your parents, keep your friends near and your enemies closer and restoring your honor. There are action sequences which are used for combat, interrogating and solving puzzles. There is a way to interactive with your audience “called Crowd Play” which allow audience participate in decision-making process. All you have to provide a link from the Telltale’s website on any device, participates are giving decision points and the main player must judge what decision that the audience pick. Note: That latency issues may hamper the viewing players’ experience but you can do it on Twitch without Crowd Play. As for the graphics Telltale uses non-photorealistic style which is inspired by comic book artist Jim Lee, Greg Capullo and Neal Adams. I am just liking Batman suit giving him that futuristic look. If you are a Batman fan and love Telltale games then buy this game. Batman: The Telltale Series is available on Steam, IOS, Android, PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox 360 and One.

Source: Inverse






Batman: The Telltale Series – Cape Vs Billionaire Review

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