Killer Instinct is a fighting game developed by Rare and published by Midway and Nintendo. This is one of the first fighting game that has two life bars and break combos. If you don’t what is Killer Instinct let me give you a backstory, Killer Instinct story revolves around a powerful megacorporation called Ultratech hosts a fighting tournament with experimental creatures and normal people to test their strength, little to know Ultratech has discover a technology to bridge the gap between dimesons and our world releasing a two-head satyr monster named Eyedol (final boss). Nintendo signed a licensing agreement with WMS Industries (Midway’s parent company) to develop and market arcade games using Project Reality (Nintendo 64). Killer Instinct was announced and Nintendo couldn’t violent video games but Nintendo’s direct of Marketing George Harrison stated “Williams wouldn’t have entered into this deal if they thoughts their hand would be tied”



“Nintendo felt that an industry-standard ratings system, which was expected to be in place by the time the home version was released, would make their stance against violent games no longer necessary”. The gameplay is completely different from Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, You have Double Life Bars without cutting into round 2 or 3 like in most fighting game but resume fighting. Automatic combos, every button you push it’s a combo (awesome uh) and speaking of buttons you got six button such as quick punch and kick, light kick and punch and heavy punch and kick. No Mercy is similar to Mortal Kombat’s Fatality but there are different like No Mercy (which the screen turns red), Ultra Combo (a series of combos perform when your opponent health flash red) and Humiliation (forces you opponent to dance which is like a Friendship). Combo Breaker (a mechanic that you break combos with you special move). Note: there are ring outs in this game too. You play as 10 playable characters with unique moves and combos. The game modes are Arcade (fight your way to Eyedol), Versus (fight against a friend), Tournament (up to eight players), Practice and Options. The graphics on this game is downsize pre-rendered 3D models from the arcade and 2D panning parallax scrolling and mode 7 for the ground. The music in this game is great for the stages and choice of hip-hop through Rock and Roll but its quality is lower than the arcade. If you are fighting game fan then play this game. Killer Instinct is available Snes, Game Boy and Arcade. Also get the Xbox One version.


Killer Instinct – Ultra Combo Retro Review

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