Welcome to another addition of Indies of the Week, today’s theme is cartooney which is a type of graphics and style. Check out the previous post of indies to check out,   Here are today’s indies.

3. 8  Doors – Rootless Studios

8 door.PNG

This game is a multiple ending indie rpg which you play as a girl named Lily who journeys to the afterlife to solve a mystery of the death of her father and bring him back to life. She meets up with king of Afterlife Yama and he request Lily to became a reaper to bring her father back. This game is made with RPG Maker and it’s unique graphics. The combat system is turn-based and you can choose to attack, skill, special, guard and items.


There are main and sub quests to complete and you find Easter eggs as well. The story changes based on your choice and experience 21c and classics. This game’s artwork is like a Japanese folktale with unique character design. If you love Japanese-oriented style rpg this is the game for you. 8  Doors will be available on May 2017 on Steam and also check out the website.

2. Aliens Go Home Run – ANIM•ACE


This game reminds me pong and breakout but has a fun twist to it. The plot is silly you play as a girl named Sally in a Baseball game she hits a homerun and hits a spaceship. Now the alien are about invade  and it’s up to her to save it. There are 70 levels to play and 9 boss fights. Instead of the classic Atari-style pong style you destroy aliens as you hit the blocks.


I am liking the 16-bit graphics making it look  like a cartoon. There are enemy types and powerup to turn the tide. You can create your own level with the editor along with online leadboards. If you love a unique sports-like pong game this is for you and it’s has great review by GameSlinny and GameSpew. Aliens Go Home Run is available now on Steam.

1. Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!-  Daylight Studios


This game is a space adventure rpg simulation indie game. I am liking the colorful graphic the designs reminds me of Adventure Time. You are on a mission to save you grandfather who is incarcerated by a evil federation. On you adventure you encounter races named after food such as osmic carrots, zany zucchinis, obnoxious onions, and  space whales.


You can build and customize you spaceship by crafting weapons, hiring engineers, recruit grew menbers and gather resources. There is a combat where it’s like a turn-based game and explore different planets. If you love space adventure this is the game for you. Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! is available now on Steam and visit the website.

That’s all the indies for today and make sure to support the companies and tune in next Sunday.



Indies of the Week #4 -Cartooney

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