Do you want the hottest gaming products? Shop at RazerZone for your gaming gear for live streaming and just get your game on. This company was founded by CEO Min-Lian Tan and Robert Krakoff in 2005, it started as a tiny office with a mission to create high quality gaming products. Razer has hundreds of employees around the world to bring you cutting edge technology for Esports and gamers. Razer has a Epsort team called Team Razer and sponsors gaming events, tournaments and you guess it Esports. Razer is funded by Intel Capital, IDG-Accel and Heliconia Capital Management and collab with Microsoft, Habu, Reclusa and other companies. Razer with athletes such as Xiao Feng “Sky” Lu, Jaeho “Moon” Jang, Jeffrey “Trump” Shih and Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. Well as Teams such as Team eLevate, Team Prophecy, and Team Automatic Reload.



You can work for Razer if you are passionate about the gaming industry such as Executive Management, Customer Satisfaction (Technical Support), Finance & Accounting, Global Marketing, Sales & Marketing and more. Razer has a vast range of gaming products such as laptops, mouse, webcams, headsets, webcam, watches, software and accessories. There is customer support if you trouble with your products, order status, information and shipping. Where are products located in Best Buy, Microsoft Store, Target and more. Join their affiliate program if you are streamer, blogger, own a website and YouTuber. Razer offers special promotions to help your drive traffic, choose text links and banner in any sizes and earn up to 25% commissions, join up today and it’s free to sign up. If you have any questions make sure to contact them, they’ve a YouTube page, Twitter and Facebook. Are you ready to join Team Razer? Check them out and make your gaming experience a great one.


RazerZone – Sponsors of Esports and Gamer Everywhere

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