WordPress is a site that you can create stunning websites and blog without coding. You can choose different templates and designs from other to build your site the way you want. You can use it for personal use, small business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs or for free. All you have to do is pick a plan that is right for you with the right features such as live chat support, monetize your site, SEO, custom domain name and unlimited storage. WordPress is consider one of the most online publishing platform. WordPress as a self-hosting site called WordPress.org which you can put your own plugins and apps on your website and blog. The company thrive to keep you up to date such as VIP hosting partnerships, software and plans.



WordPress has other service such as Gravatar and Simplenote. WordPress has support if you need to start a blog or website and share you work on social media, you can go to forums as well to make new people and check out their blogs or website. Networking is key when it comes to becoming a blogger and building a brand. You can also become a developer and make apps on WordPress if you are interested go to the contact page. WordPress is also used by TED, Spotify, UPS, CBS, CNN and more. You can create a mobile-friendly website so people can view it on their mobile device. If you want to create a gaming, anime, fitness, beauty, food and lifestyle website go for it. Also check out Jetpack and Pressable make sure you check out their plans for SEO and Hosting. Be creative by making a great website and blog.

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