This is the 16 installment of the Guilty Gear Series and it’s stronger than ever. Arc System Works and Daisuke Ishiwatari give us a truly solid-looking 2D anime-style fighting game. This is the follow-up Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- along with new characters and storyline, the development of the game, a group named Team Red which consist of 25 people. Ishiwatari wanted the game to reach wide audience and make it a cross-platform between PlayStation 3 and 4. For the 3D cel-shaded characters models and environments they were created Softimage, the game also use 3D camera cutaways for special moves scenes as for cinematic moves scenes it required the background object to be move in 360 degree because of the special effects can go with the 3D. As for contrast for backgrounds and cutscenes each scene has 160 mb of data with textures, 70-80 shaders and 400 to 600 animation bones. Due to small development time and budget Ishiwatari wanted a small character roster and will expand it later (that’s why the first has a smaller roster) and what character has a role in the story.



The plot of the game has certain arcs which as Ramlethal Valentine arc who wants to extermination of the human race and the second part is capturing Ramlethal. Elphelt Valentine arc who plans to stop her sister Ramlethal and her true objective. In Revelator, Jack-O arc is she save the world by sacrifices her life to save Elphelt amd becoming Justice’s vessel. The game has over 13 characters such as returning Sol Badguy. Ky Kiske, Slayer, I-No, Dizzy (DLC), Jam Kuradoberi (DLC), May, Johnny (DLC) and 10 new and DLC fighters. The controls are the same as the previous games such as six-button layout such as punch, kick, slash, heavy slash and dust. You can perform Psych Burst which to move opponents away, special attack and Overdrive Attacks. There are game modes which as Network Mode (which you can find regional lobbies around the world), Practice Mode (teach you the basic, mission and more), Battle Mode (play with the CPU or friend), M.O.M (Survival mode while earning medals) and Story Mode. There is a gallery mode which you can view photos, buy icons, costumes and etc. There is an option mode to change the setting to your liking. Guilty Gear Xrd is one of the best looking anime fighter I ever seen. If you are a anime fan and love fighting games this is for you. Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator is available now on Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Steam.

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Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator – Humans and Gears Review

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