Sorry for last Sunday because I have to work overtime and spend my birthday week (March 8) with my family. Welcome to indies of the week and today’s theme is adventure, a hero or heroine is on a mission to accomplish a goals. These indies can be comical or scary you choose what is your preference. Without further ado let’s get right to it.

5. Grave Chase – Skeleton Crew Studios


This is a horror action-adventure indie from the creators of Abobo’s Big Adventure and Bionic Chainsaw Pogo Gorilla.  You play as two siblings who must survive the month October in a graveyard with the undead and a murderess groundkeeper. This game reminds me of Zombies at my Neighbors with a retro feel with 2D pixel art. There are four game modes, 31 levels, gamepad support and special powerups for the main characters. You can also build monsters using body parts you collect and there are two option run or die. If you want a horror adventure game support the developers it’s has relay value and 50 achievement medals if you are completionist.




This is a unique horror indie and you control a a hermaphrodite and find out what’s going on. This is also a stealth game (which I am not good at)  which you have to avoid demons. In order to survive you have night-vision, masks to blended in with demons and upgrades. You can read over 100 smartphone message but why do you need a phone in a horror genre. After you beat the game there is a new game + mode to challenge yourself  or going for a second playthrough. If you want a gore horror indie game this is for you and it’s available now on Steam.


3. Mayhem In Single Valley – FluxscopicLtd


This indie is a fast-pace top down action rpg which draws inspiration from  Last Of Us, Undertale, Pony Island, EarthBound, and Zelda. You play as a trouble maker named Jack who suppose to leave home to go to art school but there are things happens to him at a everyday basis such as getting stuck by lighting or getting attack by your neighbors.  This game also focus on family, friendships and everyday struggle. There is not random encounter but you have to plan ahead to defeat enemies, there is no level grinding it depends on what item you find.  There are mingames and puzzles, collecting items (combing, equip and use). If you want a weird rpg this will be the game for you and make sure you support it.

download (1)

2.Forest Fortress – Flaming Firefly

download (2)

This game is a fantasy indie visual novel game which tells a story about the protagonist Dale who tumbles into a forest to find about the disease that affecting his village. Dale meets a squirrel-girl named Rika who warms him to leave the forest before it gets dark. Note: The hero is name Dale and there is a squirrel-girl reminds up of Chip and Dale hehe. Dale wants to find a cure and maybe to find a soulmate to help you over come to darkness. This game is animated by live 2d   you can check it out if you like and note: this game has nudity in it you have been warmed. Make sure you support the game on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight.


1. Jester’s Quest –fendi__ski


This indie is a fairy tale metroidvania rpg platformer which uses Unreal Engine 4. You play as a Jester who help people to solve problems and navigate through 50 open world levels . He is on a mission to save a princess go figure that’s any hero goal nowadays. The game’s graphic is  old school low-res pixel art with no  life animations and it’s handmade. It’s uses 15 parallax layer just like the Amiga and the combat is two different attack your primary and secondary, you can mix them together as well. A pixel can help you con your journey such as lockpick, repair or summon light and also special attacks. The soundtrack is has a medieval, chiptune and etc. If you want a old school platformer support this game on Steam Greenlight.

download (3).jpg

That’s pretty it  for today tune in next Sunday which I don’t have any important to do in my life. Make sure to support and play these game went they release.


Indies of the Week #6 – Adventure

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