Do you remember trying to be a game that’s really hard to beat or getting 100% completion of a game while getting all the stars, coins and etc? Well in the early 1980s -2000s game developers tend to reach out to the players by releasing Strategy Guide books to help complete the game. While Strategy Guide books provide hints, ticks and guide you through the game without reading game manual that comes with the cartridge and disc. While video games was much harder back in the day doing the NES -PlayStation 1 era and was pain to beat as a kid. Nowadays video games became much easier and hand your hand every step of the way. Check out FineBros video on Punch-Out and see today’s kids play game in the 80s-90s. Also there are game magazines that provide tips and tricks too just like Nintendo Power (where you can call developers or send fan mail to Nintendo). As for myself I remember playing Final Fantasy 7 and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time I had a hard time with that game with no Strategy Guide it was a pain. Another example is doing Fatalities on Mortal Kombat I had to look on the internet (AOL dial-up) or ask a classmate on how to do it. Now I am older and technology is growing I can get tips and trick off online now.



That bring me to online walkthroughs, while there are popular on YouTube just like Let’s Plays. You can watch videos on how to get pass a puzzle in a level in an adventure, get power weapons and armor in RPGs and how to do combos in fighting games. If you are stuck on a game like Fallout 4, you can just get on your laptop and type in “How To Upgrade Your Armor in Fallout 4” or “Fallout 4 Weapons Game Guide”. There are many game guide online but not just YouTube, people want a hands-on experience not reading a book. There are gaming community forums where gamer talk about different tips and hints on how to beat the game. Walkthroughs are pretty videos that guide you through the whole game, if you watch it these walkthrough. It might come across as a spoiler or make you want to buy the game so you get a feel on what to expect. So what do you think is easier walkthrough or strategy guides? Sometimes you don’t need ever of them to beat a game.


Strategy Guides Vs Online Walkthroughs – Which Is Easier?

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