Today Blizzard released a online motion comic about Tracer’s first mission.  This is the first time I review a comic on this blog but I got to try something new for a change. It all started with Null Sector is holding Mayor Nadah and others prisoner. The hero (I think it’s Mcree) fighting the robots and Ana, Solider 76 (Jack Morrison) and Reaper (Gabriel Reyes)  are watching on the screen at Overwatch Headquarters in Switzerland.  Ana and Gabriel talking about BlackWatch and Null Sector.  Gabriel explains about treatment of Omnics and how they take on Jobs that humans didn’t want.  After Jack and Ana were having a conservation Tracer was training with Genji and Mercy is talking notes.



Jack and Mercy talk about her condition if she is suited for combat after Tracer zip and shoots Genji from behind. Mercy talks to Jack about what is going on in London.  Jack and Tracer congratulate her on her training and and Tracer points to the screen at her hometown. Jack tells her that “there is noting to be done about it”  because of the Prime Minister. Tracer suggest to help the people in London and she join Overwatch to make a world a better place. Tracer thinks her training will go to waste if Overwatch doesn’t do anything. Jack remembers the crisis that broke that when he signs up for The Enhancement Program.


The comic ends when Jack looking at a pic of him Ana and Gabriel and answers a phone call. Also Tracer is getting ready for mission with Trojorn and Reinheart.  My thoughs on this comic you see more of Solider 76 and why he join Overwatch also you get to see Tracer, Mercy, Genji, Winston and Mcree. I like how they explain about the Omnics and how they live as humans. If you enjoy Overwatch and read this comic and buy the game as well. Overwatch is available now on PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4.


Overwatch Uprising- Tracer’s First Mission Motion Comic Review

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