In video game community there is love in the air when a male hero saves a female princess from a villain or having a bond with each other. What about the LGBT community represent in video games? Do they get the same treat as other characters? In my top 5 blog post I will explore LGBT characters in video games because they needed to present like race. Here is my top 5 LGBT characters in video games I hope you enjoy.

Kanji Tatsumi – Persona 4


Kanji is your typical delinquent who has a thing for boys and hates girl. He was the fourth victim (after Yuikiko) of the Midnight channel, later on join Investigation Team. Kanji has a love interest with a fellow Investigation Team member named Naoto Shirogane (who is a girl in disguised) and has a Persona called Take-Mikazuchi.

4 Hana Tsu-Vachel – Fear Effect


Hana is a half French and Chinese woman who is a freelance and a prostitute for the Triad. Hana is skilled with a firearm, piloting vehicles and flirt her way out of a situation also he dates males (Glas Royce) and female (Rain Qin) making her bisexual.
3. Poison – Final Fight


There is some debate about Poison sexual orientation making her the first transsexual in video game history. Some say Poison is portrayed in more feminine manner in Final Fight Revenge and has a crush on Cody. Later on in a Capcom Classics Collection, in Poison’s profile alluded of being a cross-dresser and received sex reassignment surgery. Poison is seen to be a part of a gang called Mad Gear and works as a wrestling manager for her friend Hugo.


2. Ellie from Last of Us


Ellie is one of my favorite video game female of all time and I like her relationship with Riley because there are great friends. There is a scene in the DLC Left Behind where Ellie and Riley started dancing. Ellie starts talking to Riley and suddenly Ellie kisses Riley on the cheek and the internet when crazy. It didn’t bother me because it’s Ellie and that’s her preference.
1. Tracer – Overwatch


Ever since the comic (of a woman kissing her) surface the internet people have mix feeling about Tracer’s sexual orientation. Tracer is still a cool character with a rewind power and super speed abilities. Tracer is the cover girl of Overwatch and happy-go-lucky person from London, England.

I hope you enjoy my top 5 and I am sure there are more LGBT characters in video games. I wonder will more show up in the future, we will see and find out.


Top 5 LGBT Characters In Video Games

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