I just want to say this yes I am a YouTuber and Twitch Streamer, I enjoy showing gameplay to people who have a passion for gaming. Did you know that when a big Twitch streamer or Youtuber AAA+ titles due their following it could encourage viewers to buy the game and try it for themselves. As for Persona series known Shin Megami Tensei is unique in different, the development of the franchise is Atlus wanted to create a dedicated subseries focusing on the inner struggles of young adults and high school life. Series creators Kouji Okada and Kazuma Kaneko wanted the players to experience a high school student point of view. Persona is has a great character design style by Kazuma Kaneko and Shigenori Soejima depending on the tone of the game from light into dark. Don’t forget about the composer Shoji Meguro who known for his jazzy, hip-hop, rock and roll and mysterious themed soundtrack. As for the gameplay elements you have the combat system, Personas are a manifestations of a person’s psyche and themed after Classical mythology, Japanese deities and etc. Personas can be summon using Tarot cards (Persona 4) and sometimes using a gun through their head (Persona 3) or with their masks (Persona 5). You can also form bonds with each character with Social Links depending on your actions.



Back on the subject, Persona 5 is considered one of the greatest role-playing games of all time but you can’t share the love of the game on YouTube and Twitch. Due to Atlus streaming policy they don’t want spoilers and people was not happy about it. I myself is not because I like to show off my playstyle and interact with my viewers. You can’t do that now but you can play the game without uploading it and live streaming (I used to do that 6 years old) will it benefit you. If you don’t know what Persona 5 is about here is the plot, the protagonist saves a woman from assault but he put on probation, now a transfer student he goes to Shujin Academy to meet other students. Later the protagonist and his friend form a group called Phantom Thieves of Hearts who goal is to steal hearts from adults in a palace. As for myself I like to buy this game but if Atlus take away the streaming policy but for now I not. Sorry to say this but Atlus is not getting a dime from me, but if you want to buy the game and love JPRG this is for you. I was also vocal about it on Twitter and some people got upset about it. Like I am saying the game is bad. I don’t want no gaming company to take my love for streaming away. Persona 5 is available now on PlayStation 4 and note: you can’t share no Persona 5 content ever.

Source: Eurogamer


Mag GoMorning



Should I Persona 5 Due to Atlus Streaming Policy?

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