Everyone deserved recognition for their hard work and dedicating for what they do but don’t you feel like you are robbing someone and taking credit for other. As for me I accepted awards but I don’t feel I deserve it because my hard work and passion comes from within and I don’t need a trophy, a certificate, a diploma or maybe an Oscar to tell me I am doing a good job. You don’t need those to tell you’re doing a great job, you as the person who is passionate on what you do. Whether you are a Blogger, YouTuber, Musician, Actor and many others. I know some of your work and you ever get employee of the month or promotion which most likely happens in a workplace. I want to ask you how to do you feel about a promotion or employment? Do you still treated the same? Are you happy? Does someone else deserve it more than you do? What about winning the Major Leagues, Playoffs or Super Bowl? They have crowned the MVP of the season for the most popular and well-known player but what about the other teammates should they get shine. What are the Oscars speaking of that, what happens if the same actor won 5 awards but none of the nominees didn’t get any of them do you feel bad.



As for myself I don’t want an award for my hard work because it doesn’t anything to me because I love to blog, stream, affiliate marketing and content creating. I don’t do for an award but I would love to do it for money. I am speaking from the heart of this one, if I do accept an award for someone I will tell them to give to someone else who really deserved it. That’s the type of person I am, I don’t need something like “this award goes to Anjim Plays for rising blogger” because I am already a great blog an award doesn’t need to tell me that. I do things from the heart not for an award.


Why I Don’t Accept Awards and Talents Comes From Within

One thought on “Why I Don’t Accept Awards and Talents Comes From Within

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